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Best RC Helicopters for Sale 2016

With so many models on the market, we’ve brought together the best RC helicopters for sale right now, to help you choose the best helicopter to meet your needs. Take a look at our list and quick features guide, to find out what each of these RC helicopters has to offer.

Flying Gadgets Large 3 Channel 2.4ghz Remote Control (RC) Gyroscope Helicopter For Adults & Children

Best RC Helicopters for sale 2016

RRP £109.99 but Currently on offer from around £73.37

First up is the Flying Gadgets Large 3 Channel 2.4ghz Remote Control (RC) Gyroscope Helicopter For Adults & Children. Features include:

  • First Radio Control helicopter installed with high-pixel camera.
  • Combined the new 2.4GHz remote control
  • It is incredibly stable and great fun to fly
  • The helicopter can be mounted with high-pixel camera and take video when the helicopter is flying
  • Video function can be played immediately after installation of the videography device

This Item Weight is 2.2 Kg, Product Dimensions are 76 x 12 x 31 cm and the manufacturer recommended age: 14 years and up. This is a great product and is fun to fly. Although it is one of the larger RC helicopters available, it still gives manages around 10 minutes flight time on a charge which is a decent time compared to many other RC helicopters on the market. The helicopter comes with a good quality camera installed, so taking video is so easy. Just turn on the camera button on the remote control and the helicopter will start recording video. The video camera produces files in AVI Format.

The 3D flight high efficient coaxial-rotor structure, strong wind resistance of metal stabilizer bar and double motors power system provides a powerful driving force for flight. When the helicopter is flying outdoors in a breeze, the MEMS GYRO has the ability to auto correct and help with flying stability.

By using the 2.4Ghz Radio control technology, up to 15 helicopters can be piloted at the same time. Moreover, T40C has a long control range of up to 150 meters, with strong anti-interference capability, low power consumption and is very responsive.


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